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Undergraduate Admission

Photography Students of the Scuola Normale of Pisa

The on-line procedure for the submission of the applications (1st, 2nd and 4th year) will be active from July 1st 2015

Deadline: August 6, 2015

Admission procedures are open to all students completing secondary school who wish to undertake their university studies in a setting particularly qualified for a modern humanistic and scientific preparation. It is also open to any student who has already completed a 1 st -level (three-year) university degree and who wishes to complete his/her studies at the Scuola Normale of Pisa.

Founded by Napoleon I in 1810, the Scuola Normale is a teaching and research centre considered to be among the most advanced in the world, and admission,achieved by annual competitive exams, is entirely based on merit.
The Scuola Normale aims to offer young people from all over Italy and the world the possibility of studying and researching in a university setting at pace with the rapid progress of humanistic and scientific disciplines.

Giosuè Carducci, Delio Cantimori, Vito Volterra, Enrico Fermi, Carlo Rubbia, Giovanni Gronchi and Carlo Azeglio Ciampi are only some of the more famous alumni but now, as every year, the Scuola Normale is scouting for talented students in order to reward the intellectual energy of the very best.

For this reason the entrance exams are fundamental for the Scuola Normale. Through them the students who will carry the name and the traditions of the Normale into the future are chosen, revitalizing knowledge for the service of Italy and Europe.

Teaching and research at the Scuola Normale Superiore is carried forward in two Faculties, called “Classi”: the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences.

In the internal courses, which have to be taken in addition to regular university courses at the University of Pisa, the relationship between professor and students can best be described as a dialogue. The limited number of participants and the presence of older students render this dialogue a lively intellectual exchange of benefit to all.

The laboratories and seminars, fundamental to all studies at the Scuola Normale, are carried out in internal structures which are open all year in collaboration with public and private institutions at the cutting edge of their fields, from Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics to all sectors of the Humanities: Art History, Literature, History, Linguistics and Philosophy.

The Scuola Normale possesses one of the largest and most prestigious open-stack libraries in Europe, with about 800,000 volumes and 60,000 journals. All University of Pisa tuition fees are refunded to students at the Scuola Normale, who also receive a small monthly stipend and free room and board.

In the Faculty of  Mathematical and Natural Sciences the default language of the courses offered in the first three years is italian. For the more advanced courses of PhD and laurea specialistica the default language is english. Different choices might be made in agreement with the teacher of the course and the students attending it