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Bertinetto Pier Marco

Pier Marco Bertinetto
Pier Marco Bertinetto
Palazzo della Carovana
phone. 050 509261
fax. 050 563513
office hours: su appuntamento (studio)
e-mail: p.bertinetto A_T sns D_O_T it web:

Nato a Ferrara nel 1947, ha fatto gli studi superiori a Torino. E' stato incaricato di Storia della Lingua Italiana presso l'ateneo torinese a partire dal 1975. E' professore ordinario dal 1980, dapprima di Linguistica Generale a Roma, e in seguito (a partire dal 1981/82) di Linguistica Italiana e nuovamente di Linguistica Generale (dal 1988/89) presso la Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa. Dirige il Laboratorio di Linguistica della Scuola Normale Superiore.

Presidente della Societas Linguistica Europaea nel 2009.
Membro della Academia Europaea e della Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia (Accademia Finlandese delle Scienze).

Direttore di: Italian Journal of Linguistics / Rivista di Linguistica (1989-...).
Membro del comitato editoriale del Journal of Speech Sciences
Dirige la collana 'Memorie del Laboratorio di Linguistica della Scuola Normale Superiore', presso l'editore L'Orso di Alessandria.
Membro del comitato editoriale della serie "Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Theory", Brill (Amsterdam) e della collana "In forma di parola", Edizioni dell'Orso (Alessandria)

Principali interessi di ricerca:

  • fonetica e fonologia sperimentali
  • semantica tempo-aspettuale     
  • linguistica tipologica

The Professor


Pier Marco Bertinetto (born in Ferrara, 1947) graduated at the University of Torino in 1971 and completed his training with scholarships at the University of Uppsala (1975) and at the University College London (1976).
Since then, he has maintained regular contacts with several European and American centres for linguistic research, both with shared research programs and as visiting scholar/professor.
(NB: the PhD title was only introduced in the Italian academic system subsequently to his appointment as a regular teacher).


Director of Laboratorio di Linguistica at Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) since 1981.
Vice-director of Scuola Normale Superiore in 1999/2000.
Dean of Classe di Lettere therein in 2005/06.
Member of promotion committees for the CNR (twice) and for various Italian universities (four selections for “ricercatore”, three for “associate professor”, two for “full professor”). Consulted expert in several selection procedures of European and USA universities.


President of Societas Linguistica Europaea for 2009.
Foreign member of the Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia (Finnish Academy of Sciences) (since 2006).
Member of the Academia Europaea (since 2010).
Corresponding member of the Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (since 2012).
Former member of the “Permanent Council of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences” and of the board of the International Phonetic Association.
Former member of the Nominating Committee of Società di Linguistica Italiana (twice) and of Association for Linguistic Typology.
Member of the Scientific Committee of LETiSS (Lingue d’Europa: Tipologia, Storia e Sociolinguistica; Centro di Formazione post-Laurea e Ricerca at Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori, Pavia).
Member of the evaluating committee Zentrum für Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft (Berlin, 2005), and on behalf of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (2006). Reviewer of projects and staff members on behalf of various international universities and national research agencies (Australia, Italy, Switzerland, USA).
First prize in the Bonaventura competition for literary criticism of the Academy of Sciences of Turin (1979).


ASSISTANT PROFESSOR at the University of Torino (1972), ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR therein since 1975/76 (History of the Italian Language). FULL PROFESSOR at the university of Roma in 1980/81 (General Linguistics) and since 1981/82 in Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore (first Italian Linguistics, then General Linguistics).
VISITING PROFESSOR (for periods ranging from 1 week to 3 months) at: Agrigento-Palermo (2011), Catania (2009), Curitiba (2008), Graz (2003), Helsinki (1990, 2003), IUSS, Pavia (2012), Paris VII-Diderot (1991, 1996), Perugia (2012), Lubiana (1997), Madison, WI (2001), Madrid, CSIC (2011, 2012), Odense (1991), Salamanca (2001), Turku (1988), University of California at Los Angeles (1994), Vienna (1996, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), Vitoria-Gasteiz (1997), Zürich (2011). Teacher in the Corso di Perfezionamento (later on Scuola Estiva) of the Società Italiana di Glottologia (1982, 2005, 2012).
VISITING SCHOLAR at Haskins Laboratories of New Haven, Conn. (Fall 1984, Fulbright scholar), University of Connecticut at Storrs (Fall/Winter 1993/94, Fulbright scholar), Max-Planck-Institut für Evolutionäre Anthropologie (Spring 2002, Spring 2010).
DIRECTOR of 25 PHD THESIS at Scuola Normale Superiore since 1981 (see below) and external supervisor in Ph.D. theses both in Italy (Naples, Lecce, Milan “Cattolica”, Rome 1 and 3, Venice) and abroad (Amsterdam 1995 and 1997, Genève 1991, Grenoble 2000, Helsinki, Leiden 2006).
LECTURES and PLENARY TALKS at several international institutions, among which (the list is incomplete): Amsterdam (1981), Austin (2008, 6th Chronos conference), Barcelona (1988, 1997), Belo Horizonte (4th GSCP Conference, 2012), Berlin, Freie Universität (2005), Birmingham (2009), Brandeis University (1994), Ciudad Real (2006), Columbia University (1983), Copenhagen (1990), Delaware University (1994), Florianopolis (1987), Forlì (2008, 42nd Conference of the Societas Linguistica Europaea), Freiburg im Bresgau (1997), Guilford, Surrey (2009), Ginevra (1984, 1990, 2006), Graz (1996), Grenoble (2012), Groningen (1981), Helsinki (1988), Kiel (1992), Klagenfurt (1993), Konstanz (1997), København (1988), Krems (1988, 6th International Phonology Meeting; 1992), Lausanne (2006), Leiden (1981), Leipzig (2010), Nantes (1999), Napoli (2009), New York University (1983), Nijmegen (1981), Odense (1988), Regensburg (2010), Roma I (2008), Roma III (TRIPLE School, 2012), Salzburg (1996), Smith College di Northampton, Mass. (1983), Sofia (1999, 2000, 2011), Stockholm (1989), Skopje (2011), Stony Brook (NY) (1994), Tallinn (1987), Trento (1995), Trieste (2007), Turku (1990), Utrecht (1981), Verona (2009), Vienna (1985, 1988, 1996), Yale University (1983), Zürich (1986, 2000, 2006).

(See also the list of publications)

CO-COORDINATOR, together with Silvia Calamai (Università di Siena) of the project “Grammo.Foni. Le soffitte della voce” (2011-13).
COORDINATOR of the FIRB project “ Il portale della lingua e della cultura italiana” (2009-2012).
CO-COORDINATOR, together with Bernard Laks (Paris X) of two Galileo projects subsidized by the French-Italian university (2007 and 2008) on the computational modeling of syllable structures.
LOCAL COORDINATOR within the national projects “API” (Archivio di Parlato Italiano), 1999/2001, and “IPar” (Italiano Parlato), 2001-2003.
COORDINATOR of the national projects “AVIP” (Archivio Vocale dell’Italiano Parlato), 1997/99, and “Language acquisition and (diachronic / diatopic) variation. Principles and strategies of systemic organization”, 2005-07.
MEMBER of the group ‘Tense and aspect' of the EUROTYP program, funded by the ESF (1989-94).
GROUP LEADER in the participation of the Laboratorio di Linguistica of the SNS in a ESPRIT project, funded by the EU (1982-85).
Team MEMBER of the interdisciplinary research project on speech synthesis carried out at CSELT, Torino (the prototype model MUSA was awarded the third prize in the 1979 Telettra international competition).


EDITOR of Italian Journal of Linguistics/Rivista di Linguistica since its foundation in 1989
MEMBER of the editorial board of Journal of Speech Sciences since 2010
MEMBER of the Editorial Board of the series “Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Theory”, Brill (Amsterdam), since 2010, and of the series “In forma di parola”, Edizioni dell'Orso (Alessandria), since 2011.
EDITOR of the series “Memorie del Laboratorio di Linguistica della SNS” (L'Orso, Alessandria).
MEMBER of the Scientific Advisory Council of Glottopedia
Former EDITOR of the series ‘Linguistica' of the publisher Rosenberg & Sellier, Torino (extinguished in 2000).
Former MEMBER of the editorial board of Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (Classe di Lettere), Language Studies, Rivista Italiana di Acustica, Romance Philology.


6° Incontro Informale di Grammatica Generativa (Torino 1981)
Certamen Phonologicum (Cortona 1987, 1990, 1996)
Tense-Aspect Meeting (Cortona 1993)
23° Incontro di Grammatica Generativa (Pisa 1997)
Ottave Giornate del Gruppo di Fonetica Sperimentale (Pisa 1997)
Workshop on Lexical Semantic Systems (Pisa 1998)
The Architecture of Language (Pisa, 2006)
31° Convegno Annuale della Società Italiana di Glottologia (Pisa 2006)
Phonology Workshop (Pisa 2007)
42° Congresso internazionale della Società di Linguistica Italiana (Pisa 2008)
From Phonetics-Phonology to Linguistic Modeling (Pisa, 2008)
Verb Features (Pisa, 2010)
Sociophonetics, at the crossroads of speech variation, processing and communication (Pisa, 2010).
Gli archivi sonori: 
per un dialogo interdisciplinare (Pisa, 2011)
Towards a synergistic European initiative for speech-recordings long-term preservation (Pisa, 2011)
Phonotactic grammar: Theories and models (Cortona 2012)


1. Giovanna MAROTTA (full professor, Univ. of Pisa): Aspetti della struttura temporale in italiano, 1984 (external supervisors: Bjørn Lindblom, Stockholm; Alberto Mioni, Padova; Edoardo Vineis, Bologna).
2. Alessandra GIORGI (full professor, Univ. of Venezia): On the Italian anaphoric system, 1985 (external supervisors: Guglielmo Cinque, Venezia; Domenico Parisi, Roma).
3. Cinzia AVESANI (researcher at Istituto di Fonetica del CNR, Padova): A Study of the Declination Line in Italian Intonation, 1989 (external supervisors: Michael Studdert-Kennedy, CUNY; Robert Ladd, Edinburgh).
4. Denis DELFITTO (full professor, Univ. of Verona): Generics and Variables in Syntax, 1990 (external supervisors: James Higginbotham, MIT; Guglielmo Cinque, Venezia).
5. Paolo ACQUAVIVA (full professor, Univ. College Dublin): The syntax of Negation. A Generative Approach, 1993 (external supervisors: James McCloskey, Santa Cruz; Giuseppe Longobardi, Venezia).
6. Michele LOPORCARO (full professor, Univ. of Zürich): Accordo del participio passato nelle lingue neolatine, 1993 (external supervisors: Edward Tuttle, UCLA; Nunzio La Fauci, Palermo).
7. Mario SQUARTINI (associate professor, Univ. of Torino): On the Grammaticalization Path of Some Romance Verbal Periphrases, 1995 (external supervisors: Ignacio Bosque, Complutense, Madrid; Bernard Comrie, USC; Östen Dahl, Stockholm).
8. Valentina BIANCHI (associate professor, Univ. of Siena): Consequences of Antisymmetry for the Syntax of Headed Relative Clauses, 1995 (external supervisors: Adriana Belletti, Perugia; Richard Kayne, CUNY; Jan Koster, Groningen; Jean-Yves Pollock, Amiens).
9. Georgi JETCHEV (associate professor, Univ. of Sofia): Ghost vowels and syllabification. Evidence from Bulgarian and French, 1997 (external supervisors: Pierre Encrevé, EHESS, Paris; Jerzy Rubach, Warszawa & U. Iowa; Ernest Scatton, Albany, SUNY).
10. Luca DINI (director of CELI, a computational linguistics firm in Torino): Events and their Measures, 1998 (external supervisors: Gennaro Chierchia, Milano; Ewan Klein, Edinburgh; Hans Uszkoreit, Saarbrüccken).
11. Alessandro LENCI (associate professor, Univ. of Pisa): On Predication. Categorical and Thetic Structures in Language, 1999 (external supervisors: James Higginbotham, Oxford; Gabriel Sandu, Helsinki).
12. Domokos VÉKÁS (former associate professor, Univ. of Budapest): Indizi fonetici di strutture prosodiche. Domini prosodici e rapporti di coarticolazione intersegmentale, 2000 (external supervisors: Olle Engstrand, Stockholm; Georges Boulakia, Paris VII).
13. Alexander MURZAKU (associate professor, College of St.Elisabeth, Morristown NJ): Albanian deictics. A Review of the Meaning and Functionality of Demonstratives and Deictic Adverbs (relatori esterni: Paolo Di Giovine, Roma ‘La Sapienza’; Victor Friedman, Chicago)
14. María Enriqueta Péréz Vázquez (associate professor, Univ. of Parma), El infinitivo y su sujeto explícito en español e italiano, 2002 (external supervisors: Adriana Belletti, Siena; Elena De Miguel, Complutense, Madrid; Gunver Skytte, København).
15. Marco MAIOCCO: The Syntax of Indoeuropean. Absolute Participial Constructions, 2002 (external supervisors: Marina Benedetti, Giuseppe Longobardi, Trieste; Frans Plank, Konstanz; Paolo Ramat, Pavia).
16. Chiara FINOCCHIARO (researcher, Univ. of Trento): L’elaborazione dei clitici pronominali in italiano. Un tentativo di analisi sperimentale, 2002 (external supervisors: Alfonso Caramazza, Harvard; Patrizia Tabossi, Trieste)
17. Barbara GILI FIVELA (associate professor, Univ. of Lecce): The Phonetics and Phonology of Intonation: The Case of Pisa Italian, 2004 (external supervisors: Gösta Bruce, Lund; Martine Grice, Köln; Giovanna Marotta, Pisa)
18. Chiara CELATA: Analisi dei processi di retroflessione delle liquide in area romanza, con dati sperimentali dal córso e dal siciliano, 2006 (external supervisors: Stefania Giannini, Univ. per Stranieri, Perugia; Michele Loporcaro, Zürich; Giovanna Marotta, Pisa)
19. Valentina Cambi: Tempo e aspetto in ittito, con particolare riferimento al suffisso -ske/a-, 2006 (external supervisors: Giuseppe Delmonte, Pisa; Norbert Oettinger, Erlangen; Calvert Watkins, UCLA, Los Angeles)
20. Valentina BAMBINI (researcher, IUSS, Pavia): A metaphorical window into the language-brain.context relations, 2007 (external supervisors: Bruno G. Bara, Torino; Alfonso Caramazza, Harvard & Trento; Francesco Di Russo, IUSM Roma; Pietro Pietrini, Pisa)
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23. Sara Eco CONTI: I tempi nel sistema verbale greco antico e il caso dell'imperativo, 2010 (external supervisors: Piero Berrettoni, Pisa; Jesús de la Villa Polo, Universidad Autónoma Madrid; Jean Lallot, Paris ENS)
24. Michelangelo FALCO: Deterministic mapping and dependencies. A syntax/semantic interface account of crossover and specificity, 2010 (external supervisors: Denis Delfitto, Verona; Luigi Rizzi, Siena; Dominique Sportiche, Paris ENS e Los Angeles UCLA)
25. Emanuela SANFELICI: La sintassi delle subordinate non finite in antico e medio irlandese. Il tipo DP doNV, 2011 (relatori esterni: Giuseppe Longobardi, Trieste; Elisa Roma, Pavia; Karin Stüber, Zürich)
26. Talatou Clémentine PACMOGDA: Acquisition du système temporel moore, 2012 (external supervisors: Sophie Kern, Lyon; Alessandro Lenci, Pisa; Norbert Nikiéma, Ouagadougou)