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Students’ Forum

The Students' Forum was born thanks to a group of students who wanted to participate in the cultural activity of the school while helping students reflect on current reality as they move closer to the world of work.

The activities are generally public meetings with important public figures invited to speak about their experiences.

These meetings are organized not like conferences but, as the name suggests, as forums where speakers and public, composed of students, professors and local residents can all interact.

All the materials you can find in the Further information section are written in Italian, we apologize with you for any inconvenience.

Most recent appointment:

May 8, 2015 - 3 p.m.

Sala conferenze Collegio Puteano

Il Medio Oriente oggi
Il Medio Oriente oggi
Vittoria delle contro-rivoluzioni e decentralizzazione dell'autoritarismo?
Forum degli Allievi

Arturo Marzano | Università di Pisa
Mattia Toaldo | European Council on Foreign Relations

Diretta streaming a partire dalle ore 15.00 sul canale YouTube della Scuola Normale