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Phd Programmes


The Doctoral Program in Classics performs teaching and research in a number of disciplines regarding the study of the Greek and Roman world and of its later reception: history and epigraphy, philology and literature, archaeology and the history of art, philosophy, and paleography.


The PhD course in Philosophy allows the mutual integration of a solid competence in the history of philosophy with the most up-to-date trends of research in theoretical, logical-linguistical, and ethical-political disciplines.


The mathematical research at the Scuola Normale is concentrated in some of the most significant areas of mathematics at the international level.

Methods and Models for Molecular Science

The topic of the PhD can be broadly defined as the development, validation and application of integrated computational strategies allowing vis-à-vis comparison between theoretical results and experimental data.


Nanoscience is fostering much exciting research activity with a number of very important applications in a broad range of sectors from optoelectronics and photonics to biomedicine. The PhD program in Nanoscience is designed to train students to carry out experimental and theoretical research activity in some of the most exciting scientific directions with a marked multidisciplinary character in an international environment. 


The study of the brain is a frontier in modern science, that involves in a highly interdisciplinary way different disciplines. The PhD course on Neurosciences has the objective of training young scientists to perform competitive research on the neural basis of brain functions, in an integrated and cross-disciplinary way, from the molecular and cellular levels up to the level of higher cognitive functions.


Physics has always been at the heart of SNS scientific research with its highly selected faculty and students, as witnessed by the two former SNS Alumni and Nobel Laureates Enrico Fermi and Carlo Rubbia, among many other outstanding physicists.

Political science and sociology

The PhD course in Political Science and Sociology of the Scuola Normale Superiore builds upon a methodologically pluralist approach and a multidisciplinary nature, combining structured teaching with close supervision activities by a dedicated faculty. The duration of the programme and of its grants is four years.

Transnational Governance

In collaboration with Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. The course provides tools to understand conflict and transformation of the relationship between societies and institutions with a theoretical and analytical focus on the role of governance in addressing complex phenomena (including problems linked to globalization and Europeanisation).

Art History

This doctoral course consists of a scientifically in-depth study of the history of art extending from classical antiquity to the contemporary age.


The PhD in History tackles European history going beyond identity-based simplifications and portraying the European continent as a space in which different experiences mixed, overlapped and influenced each other.