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CAIANI Manuela

CAIANI Manuela
Professore Associato
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Manuela Caiani is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) of Florence. In April 2017 she got the ‘Italian Abilitazione’ for Full professor in Political Science; and in Political Sociology. Her research interests focus on: Left wing and right wing populism; extreme right and nationalist movements and parties; social movements and political participation in Europe/transnationalisation; qualitative methods of social research (frame analysis, social network analysis, etc.). She has been involved in several international comparative research projects (Volskwagen Stiftung, FP4, FP5, FP7) and coordinated research units for individual projects and grants (PRIN Project 2016-2019; Marie Curie 2011-13, FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IEF, n° 252957; Research Grant Jubilaumsfonds, ONB, Oesterreichische National Bank, 2010-2012, project n. 14035; Post-Doctoral TRA Fellowship, START Center, 2009, University of Maryland). She published in, among others, the following journals: WEP, EJPR, Mobilization, Acta Politica, European Union Politics, South European Society and Politics, RISP and for the following publishers: Oxford University press, Ashgate, Palgrave.

Among the most recent publications:

  1. With P. Graziano, (2019) ‘Understanding Varieties of populism in times of crises’, West European Politics, pp. 1141-1158.
  2. With O. Cisar (2018), ‘Radical Right Movement-parties in Europe, Routledge.
  3. With P. Graziano, (2018) ‘Europeanisation and social movements: The case of the Stop TTIP campaign’, European Journal of Political Research, pp.: 1-25.
  4. Manuela Caiani and Patricia Kröll (2017) ‘Nationalism and Populism in Radical Right Discourses in Italy and Germany’, Javnost - The Public  24:4, 336-354.
  5. With L. Parenti, (2013) ‘European and American Extreme Right Groups and the Internet’, Ashgate.
  6. With D. della Porta and C. Wagemann (2012), ‘Mobilizing on the Extreme Right’, Oxford University Press.

Projects and activities:

  1. 2019-2021 ‘Populism and Popular Music in Europe’,  Volkswagen Stiftung.
  2. 2018-2020  The consequences of Populism in Power’ SNS internal Grants. 
  3. 2016-2019, PRIN (Italian Research Ministry Funds) Project on “Politics e Policy in Europa in tempo di crisi: Cause e Conseguenze”, Head of the Unity- SNS.
  4. June 2016 - Jun 2018 SNS Research Grant, SNS, PI for the project “Right-Wing Political Radicalization Using the Internet in Eastern and Central Europe”, Italy.
  5. 2010 - 2012 Research Grant Jubilaumsfonds, Oesterreichische National Bank, PI for the project “The Dark Side of the Web European and American Extreme Right Groups and online Politics” (project n. 14035), IHS, Wien.

Research interest and Phd Supervision:

Prof. Caiani is open to supervising students in areas related to:

  • Right Wing and Left Wing Populism
  • Radical Right political parties and Movements
  • Extreme right
  • Social Movements, Europeanization and European Protest Campaigns
  • Collective mobilization, transnationalization, and social networks
  • Methods: formalized content analysis, frame analysis, interviews, social network analysis, protest event analysis

Current Supervisees:

  • Jacopo Custodi (Left wing populism and nationalism in Europe)
  • Beatrice Carella (Populism and social-anti austerity policies)
  • Raffaele Barzuli (social movements on local migration policies)
  • George Venizelos (Populism in Power)
  • Ivan Stefanoswki (the impact of social movements on democracy in the Balkans)
  • Federica Stagni (networks and political violence)
  • Francesca Feo (Populism in Parliament)