The Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Institute for Advanced Studies was founded to allow professors, researchers and young students from all over the world to spend periods of study, training and work in an international environment as well as to carry out interdisciplinary research in the fields of economics, history of institutions and art.

The Institute is sited in Florence, in the imposing Palazzo Strozzi, equal in prestige to that of other important institutes of its kind - such as the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton or the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin – where scientists of high calibre and young scholars are able to conduct avant-garde research free from the restraints of traditional academic structures.

The Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Institute envisages the presence of fellows for medium to long periods and a permanent but limited staff for the organization of doctoral and post - doctoral courses. The Institute is connected to the network of Institutes for Advanced international Studies including the Network of European Institutes for Advanced Studies (NetIAS)