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CELLERINO Alessandro

CELLERINO Alessandro
Professore Associato
050 6212756, 050 509317
Palazzo della Carovana , terzo piano, stanza 71

Pre-graduate studies:
1987-1991 Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy, Biology

Post-graduate studies:
1992-1994 Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy, Neurobiology
1994 Max-Planck Institut für Psychiatrie, Martinsried, Germany, (Prof. Y.-A. Barde), visiting student

PhD thesis:
The physiological roles of the neurotrophins NGF and BDNF in the development of the visual system’ Supervisor: Prof. L. Maffei External referee: Prof. H. Thoenen.

Postdoctoral activity:
01.1995-06.1995: Max-Planck Institut für Psychiatrie, Martinsried, Germany, (Prof. Y.-A. Barde)
08/1995-12/1997:University of Tübingen, Forschungstelle für experimentelle Ophtalmologie, (Dr. K. Kohler) and Max-Planck Istitut für Entwicklungsbiologe (Prof. M. Bähr).
01/1998-01/2000: CNR., Institute of Neurophysiology, Pisa, (Dr. L. Galli-Resta and Dr. L. Colombaioni).

Current position
2000 : Tenure-track researcher, Scuola Normale Superiore

Grants awarded:
1995:Human Capital Mobility grant from the EEC
1996: Research grant from the ForTueNe Programme, University of Tuebingen
1996: Travel grant from the German Society for the Scientific Research (DFG)
1997: Travel grant from the German Society for the Scientific Research (DFG)
1999: Bilateral grant of the Vigoni programme CRUI (Italy)/DAAD (Germany)
2000: MURST research grant for junior scientists "Investigations on the role played by brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the formation of topographically-organised projections in the visual system".
2001: MURST research grant for junior scientists "Effects of brain-derived neurotrophic factor on the light-transduction in the retina"
CNR-Agenzia 2000 "Effects of light-stimulation and BDNF on intracellualr transduction pathways in the retina"

Official roles in international meetings:
1997: Montpellier (France), September 3-6, First Mediterranean Neuroscience Conference: invited speaker
1997: New Orleans (LA, USA), October, 25-30, 23rd Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience: chairman of a slide session
1998: Bochum (Germany), October 12-14, KOGNET Autumn course: invited speaker

Scientific prizes awarded:
1998: Bruno Ceccarelli award for young neuroscientists

Scientific interests:
My scientific interest is divided along three lines of research:

Neurotrophic factors and visual system development
The core of my activity was focussed on the role played by neutrophins in plasticity and cell death. In particular, I am currently interested in the activity-dependent mechanisms underlying the refinement of the retino-tectal map and the control of cell death and development of neuronal morphology in the retina.

Biological models of aging
Recently, I have characterised a fish species (Nothobranchius furzeri) with a lifespan of only 12 weeks. This short lifespan notwithstanding, these fishes undergo senescence and we are characterising brain aging in this species.

Evolutionary Neurophysiology
My experimental activity has been complemented by a strong intellectual interest for Evolutionary Biology and Evolutionary Psychology. I have been reviewing the neurobiological and evolutionary-informed psichological literature concerning the control of human and animal mating. The results of this synthesis are presented in my book Eros e cervello (Eros and the Brain). We are currently studying perception of attractiveness and face gender using EEG and morphing techniques.

Book (in italian)
Eros e cervello. Le radici biologiche di sessualità, estetica, amore. (Eros and the Brain. The Biological roots of Sexuality, Aesthetics, Love). Traccedizioni. Piombino (LI). 2000.
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