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How to access the orientation courses of the Normale

The orientation courses of the Normale are aimed mainly at students who are currently attending the penultimate year of high school. About 250 students are expected to take part in the three scheduled courses: about 200 students will be selected among the students nominated by the schools who wish to collaborate with the initiative, while the other 50 participants will be admitted directly by following the instructions on this page.

Students nominated by the schools

The school principals will be invited to nominate via email one or more students of the penultimate year (maximum four) of merit who are interested in participating. Nominations can only be made on line.

Institutions that do not receive this information via email will be able to request it at

For the nomination to be valid, among other things the final marks for each subject of study reported at the end of the previous school years and at the end of the first period of the school year 2018/19 must be indicated. The presentation of a short profile of the candidate and their reasons for wishing to participate in the orientation programme is also required. Candidates selected will have the right to express a preference regarding their period of participation, indicating their availability for at least two periods among those envisaged in the calendar.

The deadline for notifications is midnight Wednesday 10 April 2019. The list of selected students will be published within the first 15 days of May 2019 on the SNS website.

The presence of students from every region of Italy will be ensured. Students admitted to the courses will not have to pay any fees for participation in the activities and for the stay (accommodation is normally provided in twin rooms). There are no contributions for travel expenses.

Direct applications for participation

Applications can be submitted directly by students from the penultimate or the last year of secondary school. Two separate applications will be open: from 4 March to 25 may for the first two orientation courses (San Miniato, end of June; Rome, July), and from 18 June to 8 July, for the last orientation course, scheduled for September in Naples. 

The application can be submitted exclusively online.

In order to apply students must follow the registration procedure using an access code that will be issued subsequent to their sending an e-mail to:

The final marks of the school year just ended and of the previous one are requested, as well as a brief profile of the candidate provided by the student himself or by one of his teachers, with an indication of any qualifications and cultural activities, the reasons for the application, and the participation with important results in competitions included in the ministerial programme for the valorisation of excellence.

Participants admitted through this system will participate free of charge in the course activities. Accommodation expenses in SNS facilities will be charged to them, up to about € 500/600.

The list of students admitted to the first two courses will be published on the website of the Scuola Normale starting from end of May and communicated directly via email to the interested parties; the list of students admitted to the course in Naples will be published on the website of the Scuola Normale within the end of July and communicated directly via email to the interested parties.

The SNS reserves the right to request proof of the school results of the selected students.


For any queries, clarifications and further information, please send an e-mail to, or contact the following telephone numbers: 335 74 56 265 - 335 16 39 114 - - 050 50 93 07
Monday to Friday, 10 a.m - 1 p.m, Monday and Thursday also 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

For technical support in case of problems with entering data on the site, you can contact: Davide Guglielmo, technical manager of the management of the programme, at the e-mail address or at the following telephone numbers: + 39 049.880.81.93 - mobile 347.793.56.28 (from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. -12.30 a.m. and 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.). To make problem solving easier, when calling please make sure you are connected to the site for entering data.