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Selection criteria: orientation courses of the Normale

The places will be allocated on a regional basis, except for those that may be allocated to students of schools abroad, in relation to the number of schools that will have sent applications from the region in question. In any case, if there are applications, at least one place is assigned to both Molise and Valle d'Aosta.

Places are assigned by comparing, in each region, the profiles of students who attend the same course or homogeneous courses of studies: classical and related high schools; scientific high schools and other high schools and types of schools analogous to them; technical institutes.

On the basis of the details resulting from the application, the places are assigned to those candidates who will benefit the most from the training experience of an orientation course.

This result will be achieved by considering and evaluating:

a) final profit grades obtained in each of the two previous school years. Both the average grade (with the exclusion of conduct, religious education and motor skills, however they are denominated), and particularly significant results, including participation in competitions, or in certain subjects or homogeneous fields of study, will be taken into consideration:

  • average grades: score from 1 (average of 7/10) to 4 (average of 10/10), with the possibility of decimals,
  • particularly significant results in certain subjects, both for school grades and for competition results (for example, Olympic Games or certamen) with the possibility of a decimal score of up to a maximum increase of 0.5 / 4.

In any case, the overall score for the school results cannot be higher than 4/8.

b) the student's profile, any activities and interests including extracurricular activities, the motivations provided by the student regarding the participation in the courses: score from 1 to 4, with the possibility of decimals:

  • the candidate's profile and / or motivations, albeit correctly formulated according to the provisions of the circular, do not present particular aspects of interest. No extracurricular activities and motivations relevant to the selection are indicated: maximum score 1
  • the candidate's profile and / or motivations, correctly formulated according to the requirements of the circular, albeit in the presence of a predominantly standard content, offer, on account of the activities or motivations or interests (also extracurricular) reported, elements deserving consideration for selection: maximum score 2
  • on account of the activities and interests also included in the academic year, the profile of the candidate and / or the motivations proposed offer significant elements of consideration for selection: maximum score 3
  • the profile of the candidate, on account of the activities and interests, including the extracurricular ones reported, and / or the motivations proposed, is characterized by particular and significant originality and importance for selection: maximum score 4.

The selection may favour, also by way of derogation from situations assessed as equivalent, the participation of students proposed by institutions from which candidates presented in the previous two-year period were not selected, to allow selection from a greater number of schools and locations and a rotation among institutions that send applications more frequently. As a rule, there will be a maximum of two candidates selected from the same educational institution.

The number of selected students of the same gender cannot exceed 60% of those admitted.

In the presence of equivalently rated applications, priority will be given to schools based in the localities of the three courses. Applications that, after evaluation on the basis of the criteria indicated, have a score difference of up to 0.4 / 8 are considered equivalent.

Applications may also include students nominated for courses in the Scuola di Orientamento Universitario. In no case, however, can the same candidate be selected to take part in more than one of the courses for which he was proposed by his institute.

These criteria will also be referred to for the selection of the students to be admitted on their own application. In this case the selected students will be admitted to the course indicated by them in the application.

The person in charge of the selection for the courses organized by the Scuola Normale Superiore is the Director of the Scuola Normale, who may use a special commission for the selection process.