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Selection criteria: Scuola di Orientamento Universitario

The selection will be carried out by a commission consisting of representatives of the three institutes.

On the basis of the applications received, the commission will select the candidates to be admitted to the courses expressing an evaluation in 100ths on the basis of the following criteria:

  • School results (average equal to or higher than 8/10): the final average grades of the third year and the average grades of the first trimester / quarter of the current year are evaluated. The average is calculated taking into account all subjects (including behaviour and physical education) excluding the mark for religious education, this being an optional subject; up to a maximum of 50 points
  • Personal interests and certified extracurricular activities; up to a maximum of 15 points
  • Participation in various school competitions or other initiatives / educational activities for which a selection is envisaged; up to a maximum of 20 points
  • Personal profile, motivation and interest towards university orientation; up to a maximum of 15 points

NOTE: In the case of school assessments not expressed in tenths (for example, international or Italian schools abroad or students on mobility) the school is required to produce - on the basis of the criteria it deems most appropriate - the conversion of the school results to tenths to ensure uniformity in the assessment.
To ensure a balanced representation of provenance, participants will also be selected on the basis of a breakdown between 5 macro regional areas (North West, North East, Central, South and Islands) in consideration of the number of notifications received and / or the number of schools involved .

It must be borne in mind that each successful candidate will be able to participate in only one orientation course, including those organized independently by the Scuola Normale Superiore in San Miniato, in Rome and in Naples.