Communication in political engagement and mobilisation

In April 2020 the group started an investigation into the use of the social media by the  movement Fridays For Future.

Lorenzo Zamponi organised the panel  “The Consequences of the Multifaceted Interactions Between Media and Movements” at the general conference of the ECPR in Hamburg (22-25 August 2018).
Within the scope of his research on media, movements and memory, Lorenzo Zamponi also published in 2018 the following contributions: Zamponi, L. (2018) Social Movements, Memory and Media. Narrative in Action in the Italian and Spanish Student Movements. London: Palgrave; Zamponi, L. (2018) Memory in Action. Narratives of 1968 in the Italian student movement of 20082011. In: della Porta, D. (ed.) Memory in Movements. 1968 in 2018. Milano: Annali della Fondazione Feltrinelli, pp.19-.38; Zamponi, L. (2018) La memoria in azione. Narrazioni del Sessantotto nel movimento studentesco italiano del 2008-2011. In: della Porta, D. (ed.) Sessantotto. Passato e presente dell’anno ribelle. Milano: Feltrinelli, pp.57-81. 

Marco Deseriis concluded his research project SCALABLE DEMOCRACY, funded by the  European Commission in the setting of the Marie Curie Actions, in August 2018. At the closure of the project, on 8th June he organised at Palazzo Strozzi the international conference “The Direct Parliament: The Impact of Digital Democracy on Political Representation”, attended by scholars of digital democracy and representatives of the German Pirate Party, Podemos and Movimento 5 Stelle (5 Star Movement). He also took part in the ECPR Joint Sessions (Nicosia, 11-14 April) with the paper “The Impact of Platform Politics on Political Representation in Three European Cyber-Parties”. In the context of his research on digital media and political involvement, he published the article “The Politics of Condividuality” in the online multilingual journal Transversal (translated into Spanish and German). He also sent the  manuscript of the article “Digital Movement Parties: a comparative analysis of the technopolitical cultures and the participation platforms of the Movimento 5 Stelle and the Piratenpartei” to the Class A journal  Information, Communication & Society (published in June 2019) and  launched as co-editor (with Davide Vittori) the Special Issue “Platform Politics in Europe” for the International Journal of Communication, a Class A journal. In the same special issue Deseriis is co-author with Vittori of the article “The Impact of Online Participation Platforms on the Internal Democracy of Two Southern European Parties, Podemos and the 5-Star Movement.”