Complementi di matematica per chimici e biologi

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CFU 12

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First year students in Biology and Chemistry


Basics of Mathematics

Logic and sets; natural, integer, rational and real numbers.


- Sequences and Series Limit and convergence;

- Cauchy sequences.

- Metric and Topological Spaces Open and closed sets; neighborhoods.

- Limits and Continuity Limits of real functions;

- lim sup and lim inf;

- Continuity and Weiestrass theorem.

- Differential Canculus Rolle, Cauchy, Lagrange and De L'Hopital theorems;

- Taylor formula and series.

- Integration Riemann integral;

- Fundamental theorem of calculus.

Multivariate Calculus

- Continuity. Partial and directional derivatives.

- Differentiability. Total differential theorem.

- Rules of calculus

- Dini theorem.

- Parametric curves, curve length.

- Conservative vector fields.

Linear Algebra 

- vector spaces, linear dependence (bases, dimension…), linear transformations

- matrices, vectors and correspondence with the intrinsic concepts of point 1); change of basis

- determinants (basics)

- eigenvalues and eigenvectors, algebraic and geometric multiplicity

- inner product, orthogonalization, unitary matrices, orthogonal projectors

- diagonalization and Jordan form

- Schur form and the spectral theorem

Educational aims

Goal of the lectures is to introduce students to basic topics but under an advanced and stimulating viewpoint, offering relevant additional elements with respect to traditional courses.

Bibliographical references

Notes given by the teacher.

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