Development and aging of the nervous system

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The course requires basic knowledge of Neurophysiology, Developmental Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology and is dedicated to students of the Master course.Gilbert, Developmental Biology, 2016, Sinauer Associates Kempermann, Adult Neurogenesis II, 2010, Oxford Medicine


1. Evolution of aging and its relationship with development
2. Adult neurogenesis I
3. Adult neurogenesis II
4. Brain aging: morphologicical changes
5. Brain aging: fucntional changes and the role of systemic factors
6. Brain aging: expression profiling studies
7. Circadian rhythms, sleep and aging
8. IGF-I and calorie restriction
9. Pharmacological interventions into aging
10. Human aging: physiology and genetic inffluence

Obiettivi formativi

The course will cover the transformations of the nervous system from early development to late life briding developemntal biology and physiology with special emphasis on neuronal stem cells. The course is based mainly on very recent original articles.

Riferimenti bibliografici

Gilbert, Developmental Biology, 2016, Sinauer Associates
Kempermann, Adult Neurogenesis II, 2010, Oxford