Field Theory and Gravity

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IV, V year of Master, Ph.D.


Introduction to (extended) supersymmetry and the superHiggs effect. Two important non-linear multiplets: Volkov-Akulov and Born-Infeld. N=1 supergravity in D=4 and its matter couplings. Duality symmetries for interacting fields. Supergravity in D=10,11 and some key compactifications. Introduction to String Theory. An introduction to general D=4 N=1 couplings in Supergravity. An introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence. Prof. C. Angelantonj (U. Torino) will give a series of seminars (14 hours) devoted to String Theory, Prof. G. Dall'Agata (U. Padova) will give a series of seminars (14 hours) devoted to Supersymmetry and Supergravity, and Prof. A. Zaffaroni (U. Milano Bicocca) will give a series of seminars (14 hours) devoted to the AdS/CFT correspondence. I will give 18 hours, devoted to advanced aspects of surrent research. 

Educational aims

Providing the background to understand current symmetry-driven attempts to link gravity to the other Fundamental Interactions. The course includes a portion devoted to basic topics in Field Theory and Gravity and others, of a more advanced nature, devoted to Supersymmetry, Supergravity, String Theory and the AdS/CFT correspondence. The course is meant to allow interested students to start Thesis research on frontier topics in this area.

Bibliographical references

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Didattica integrativa

Cicli di seminari

- C. Angelantoni (14)
- G. Dall’Agata (14)
- F. Strocchi (10)
- A. Zaffaroni (14)