Geometric Measure Theory II

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Last year of the laurea magistrale/bachelor, PhD


The space BV
BV functions of one variable
Sets of finite perimeter
Embedding theorems and isoperimetric inequalities
Structure of sets of finite perimeter
Approximate continuity and differentiability
Fine properties of BV functions
Boundary trace theorems
Decomposition of derivative and rank one properties
The chain rule in BV 191
One dimensional restrictions of BV functions
Theory of currents
Basic operations
Normal, Flat, Rectifiable currents
Isoperimetric inequality and deformation theorem
Closure and boundary rectifiability theorems
Basic theory of varifolds
Compactness and partial regularity for mass-minimizing varifolds

Educational aims

The goal of the course is to provide an introduction to modern Geometric Measure Theory. Starting from the codimension 1 theory, namely the theory of sets of finite perimeter and BV functions, we move to the study of (generalized) oriented surfaces of arbitrary dimension and codimension. We illustrate basic structure and compactness results, leading to solutions to Plateau's problem, and in the final part of the course we deal with non-oriented surfaces (varifolds) and partial regularity results. 

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