History of Ancient Philosophy - Early Greek Philosophy I: introductory lectures

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These lectures are aimed at both ordinary and PhD students. A good working command of ancient Greek is desirable, but not strictly indispensable. 


On the basis of a philologically and philosophically rigorous examination of the texts, we shall attempt to reconstruct the doctrines and arguments of some of the main early Greek thinkers, the so-called ‘Presocratics’. We will address methodological questions concerning the analysis of the ancient testimonies and investigate the reception of these authors in Plato, Aristotle and Hellenistic philosophy.

A further series of specific inquiries into individual passages, themes or authors will be proposed in the seminar papers delivered by the students of both the ordinary and the PhD course. 

Obiettivi formativi

The course will propose a detailed examination, in seminar form, of fundamental philosophical texts and issues from classical antiquity, considered from various points of view: historical genesis and fortune, conceptual substance, philological issues. 

Riferimenti bibliografici

General collections:

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Some editions and translations of individual authors:

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Further bibliographical information will be provided during the course.