Imagination and Judgment in Kant

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In the 20 hours common to undergrads and Ph.D. students, we will focus on fundamental theoretical key themes of critical philosophy such as: synthesis, temporality, schematism, experience, exhibition and expression. We will begin by examining Kant's debt to German scholasticism (Wolff, Baumgarten, up to Tetens); we will move on to separate chapters of the First and Third Critiques, up to the Anthropology.

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The course aims to provide students with the tools to analytically investigate some central concepts of critical philosophy.

Riferimenti bibliografici

Primary texts:

A.G. Baumgarten, Metaphysics, ed. by C. Fugate and J. Hymers, London 2013

C. Wolff, Vernünftige Gedanken von Gott, der Welt und der Seele, Halle 1720


Lectures on Metaphysics, ed. by K. Ameriks, Cambridge 1997;

Critique of pure Reason, ed. P. Guyer and A. Wood, Cambridge 1996;

Critique of the Power of Judgment, ed. P. Guyer and G. Matthews, Cambridge 2000;

Anthropology, History and Education, ed. G. Zöller and R. Louden, Cambridge 2007.


A reference bibliography will be distributed at the beginning of the course