Italian Communism in the world of the Twentieth Century. Issues, sources, interpretations

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The course will treat the history of Italian Communism from an international point of view. Particular attention will be devoted to the topic of internationalism as a political culture, a symbolic system and an identity. Lessons and seminars will investigate in such perspective Communist antifascism, representations and languages of the "European civil war", the project of a mass party after World War Two, the visions of domestic and internazional Cold War, the influences of decolonization and thirdworldism, the transformations connected to Socialist humanism and Europeanism. 

Educational aims

Students will have to develop a scholarly understanding of the main issues, interpretations and sources about the topic of the course.

Bibliographical references

S. Pons, I comunisti italiani e gli altri. Visioni e legami internazionali nel mondo del Novecento, Einaudi