Italian Literature - Trieste writers and psychoanalysis

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The course is aimed at students of the ordinary course, but is also open to attendance by PHD students.


The course will deal with the spread of curiosity towards Freudian psychoanalysis in Trieste in the early 20th century, especially among the Trieste intellectuals of the circle of Italo Svevo and Umberto Saba. We will try to focus on the gateway function of psychoanalysis in Italy performed by Trieste immediately after the end of the First World War. Particular attention will be paid to the figure of Dr. Edoardo Weiss, a former student of Freud in Vienna, and his real or presumed implications with Trieste literature.

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The course aims to reconstruct the climate of feverish interest in psychoanalysis that animated the Trieste where the masterpieces of Svevo and Saba were born together with the writings of many other authors belonging to that context: from Stuparich to Quarantotti Gambini, from Bobi Bazlen to Giorgio Voghera.

Riferimenti bibliografici

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