La Mort le roi Artu: the critical edition

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The Mort le roi Artu has been the subject of numerous editions, so that it is an excellent test case for the analysis of the different assumptions and results of the various methods of textual criticism. The course will examine the different versions, examining the possibility of a new critical edition.

Educational aims

Learning philology, developing interpretation competences, dealing with digital humanities.

Bibliographical references

Principal editions: La mort le roi Artu, roman du XIIIe siècle, ed. Jean Frappier, Paris, Droz, 1936, La Mort du roi Arthur, ed. trad. David F. Hult, Paris, Lettres Gothiques, 2009. Further editions: E. Moore Willingham (Turnhout, Brepols, 2007), E. Baumgartner-M.T. de Medeiros (Paris, Champion, 2007), Ph. Walter (Paris, Gallimard, 2009). Introduction to the text: Jean Frappier, Étude sur la Mort le roi Artu, Genève 1936 (19722). Introduction to the context: Il Graal e i cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda. Guida ai romanzi francesi in prosa del Duecento, Bologna 2020. Philological methods: G. Contini, Filologia, il Mulino 2014; L. Leonardi, Filologia romanza. Critica del testo, Le Monnier 2020. Further bibliography will be provided during the course.