Latin Literature - Ovid's Metamorphoses

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The module is primarily intended for undergraduate and MA students, but is open to PhD students as well. Visiting students are warmly welcome; they are encouraged to contact the lecturer at the earliest opportunity, also in order to discuss alternative forms of assessment.

A good knowledge of Latin is assumed.


Ovid's Metamorphoses represent a work of fundamental importance within Latin literature, its reception, and the contemporary critical debate, which has often drawn stimulus and inspiration from the thematic and stylistic complexity of the poem.

The course will chart a (selective) path through its main thematic foci.

This module is chiefly devoted to the students' seminar presentations.

The presentation will deal with a topic related to the course theme, agreed upon with the lecturer at least two months in advance. The presentation will last approximately 30/35 minutes, and will be followed by a discussion, for a total of 45 minutes.

The texts to be discussed (with translation) and the bibliography will be listed in a handout sent to the lecturer by email at least one week before the seminar, and made available to the whole class on the Teams page at least 1-2 days before the seminar.

Obiettivi formativi

The main objective of the module is the acquisition of an in-depth knowledge of the main thematic and literary features of Ovid's Metamorphoses in the light of the contemporary critical debate, also intended as a stimulus for the elaboration of personal reading strategies.

Riferimenti bibliografici

As reference text we will be using the multi-author commentary edited by A. Barchiesi for Fondazione Valla (Milan 2005-2015, 6 vols.), which reproduces (with a few changes) the critical text by R.J. Tarrant in the Oxford Classical Texts. The volumes include a bibliography on both general aspects of the poem and on individual episodes.

The publication of the English translation of the commentary, with additions and modifications, is planned for the autumn (Cambridge University Press).

Specific bibliography for the sections of the poem included in the syllabus will be provided.

An extensive annotated bibliography, up to 2018, can be found in the Oxford Bibliographies website (L. Fratantuono).