Latin Philology - Cicero's poetic fragments: original works and translations from the Greek

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The course requires a solid kwoledge of Latin language. The course can be attended by students of all years of study.


The course proposes the reading of Cicero's poetic fragments other than the Aratea: primarily fragments of original works (such as the De consulatu suo and other epic poems), but also samples of poetic translations from Greek (especially from Homer and the tragedians) contained in Cicero's philosophical writings. The course will address problems concerning the transmission of these fragments (mostly the result of self-quotation), their text and interpretation, and also their eventual relationship to Greek models.

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The educational goals of the course are: development of critical awareness about methods and instruments of Latin philology and their practical use; development of the critical capacity to present and discuss research contributions in the field of Latin philology; development of the capacity to present in an effective way the state of the art of a critical problem inherent to Latin philology, and to expose the results of one's research with precision and clarity, both in written and oral form.

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Bibliographic references will be supplied during the course.