Michelangelo at the court of Pope Julius II

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The course is primarily intended for PhD students, although it may be useful as an in-depth study for particularly interested undergraduate students.


Following up on the course on the early stages of Michelangelo’s career, this lecture series will focus, for the benefit of PhD students in particular, on Michelangelo’s major undertakings during the time of Julius II’s papacy (1503-1513), namely the pontiff’s mausoleum and the Sistine Chapel vault. Again, the presentation will take place according to a tight interweaving of primary and secondary sources of historical research and narrative (artworks and archival papers), and of art history and historiography (from the 16th century to the present), also matching Michelangelo with his masters, his colleagues, his patrons, and his intellectual and humanistic acquaintances.

Obiettivi formativi

As the two other courses held by the same teacher, this educational cycle also intends first and foremost to provide advanced critical tools to deal with the ‘mute’ language of works of art of the past, and in particular of sculpture, both by practising directly on the figurative corpus and by examining the different methods of reading and interpretation utilised in modern studies. In addition, the exercise of direct exploration of the sources ­– meaning both the ancient literary and archival evidence – aims to channel the learning experience in a context of social history of art, involving patrons, artists, and the first ‘specialist’ writers.

Riferimenti bibliografici

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Other in-depth texts, mostly articles, will be indicated during the course.