Seminars in biophysical sciences: Nanomedicine

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Recommended for PhD students in Nanosciences, indicated for PhD students in Neurosciences, Methods and Models for Molecular Sciences, Physics.


Seminars covering selected topics in the field of Nanomedicine with a special focus to nanoscale processes.

Speakers 2021/22:

Fabio Beltram (SNS)

Francesco Cardarelli (SNS)

Giovanni Signore, Liam McDonnell (Fondazione Pisana per la Scienza)

Giulio Caracciolo (Università La Sapienza, Nanodelivery Lab)

Stefano Landi (Università di Pisa, Facoltà di Biologia, Genetica)

Mauro Giacca (King's College, London)

Marco Cecchini (Istituto di Nanoscienze, CNR, Pisa) 

Ranieri Bizzarri (Università di Pisa, Dipartimento di Patologia Chirurgica, Medica, Molecolare e dell'Area Critica)

Matteo Agostini (INTA Srl)

PhD students attending the course will be invited to present their ongoing research projects as part of the seminar series.

Educational aims

Update on some of the most relevant research topics in nanomedicine, with particular attention to the processes at the nanoscale and to advanced imaging and data analysis quantitative methods.