Storia greca - Il sinecismo e la sympoliteia in età ellenistica

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The course is intended for students on PhD course but can also be taken by undergraduate students (Corso Ordinario). Knowledge of ancient Greek is required; no prior knowledge of Greek epigraphy is required, which will be provided in class.


This course, which is closely related to the previous ones, deals with the topic of sympoliteia, a practice that originated in the Hellenistic age and has affinities and differences with synecism. Its characteristics will be investigated through the analysis of the treaty that led to the inclusion of the polis of Kalymna in that of Kos in the late 3rd century BC.

The seminar paper will deal with a topic agreed upon with the teacher at least two months before the scheduled date. The approximate duration of the oral presentation is 45 minutes. The student must prepare a written text containing the main quotations from ancient sources (with translation) and the critical bibliography necessary for the examination of the chosen topic. The written text must be sent to the teacher in draft form at least one week before the seminar.

An 8-hour introductory lecture will be held by Dr Alessandro Perucca Aresi and will form an integral part of the course.

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To deepen knowledge of ancient Greek history with particular reference to the Hellenistic period; to acquire knowledge of the institutional functioning of the polis; to acquire tools and methodologies necessary for the analysis of a historical problem; to acquire skills in the field of Greek epigraphy.

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Bibliographic indications will be provided in class.