Two issues in contemporary philosophy - Language and image

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Alberto Martinengo


The concept of "turn" is a sort of commonplace in 20th-century philosopy. Most of the contemporary traditions share the so-called linguistic turn as their horizon, both in continental and analytic authors. Criticisms against linguistic philosophies rise at the end of the century under the motto of a pictorial turn. Their common goal is to argue a better-balanced coexistence of language and image.

The class will analyze relevant aspects of contemporary discussion on the linguistic turn, its criticism, and claims of a new philosophy of image.

Educational aims

Critical analysis of the key-aspects of the philosophical reflexion on language and image, both from a historical and theorethical perspective.

Bibliographical references

R. Rorty, La svolta linguistica

W.J.T. Mitchell, Pictorial Turn. Saggi di cultura visuale

More references to be defined