Vasari's Palazzi

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No prerequisites are required.

The course is aimed primarily at PhD students, but is also open to undergraduate students.


The course intends to focus on the palazzi in which Vasari worked as an artist and/or architect, and of which he left ample written evidence in the two editions of his Lives and in his epistolary. In particolar, the Vatican Palace in Rome, the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and the Palazzo della Carovana in Pisa. The course will be complemented by off-site teaching appointments (Florence and Malta) and a series of seminars held by Italian and foreign scholars who have dealt with related themes.

Obiettivi formativi

The aim is to increase students’ historical and artistic knowledge and to bring them closer to some of the key themes of early modern art criticism and of the history of architecture. At the end, the students will be required to give an oral text or a seminar, choosing topics related to the lessons and previously validated by the professor, to evaluate the terms in which they understood not only the course contents, but above all the proposed study methodology. The evaluation will take into account the students' participation in the lessons.

Riferimenti bibliografici

Bibliographical advice will be provided at the beginning of the course and during the lessons.

As a background on the theme, we recommend the study of

  • G. Vasari, Le vite de’ più eccellenti pittori, scultori e architettori, nelle redazioni del 1550 e 1568, ed. by R. Bettarini and P. Barocchi, Florence 1966-1997
  • Paola Barocchi, Studi vasariani, Turin 1984
  • Patricia Lee Rubin, Giorgio Vasari: art and history, New Haven 1995
  • Giorgio Vasari e il cantiere delle Vite del 1550, ed. by Barbara Agosti, Silvia Ginzburg, Alessandro Nova, Venice 2013
  • Barbara Agosti, Giorgio Vasari. Luoghi e tempi delle Vite, Milan 2021