Democracy and social movements

The group focuses on the interactions between social movements and democracy, bridging social science approaches to both topics in both theoretical and empirical perspectives. The main innovation consists in addressing both structural preconditions as well as the actors’ strategies, looking at the intersection of structure and agency.

In an historical and comparative perspective, the cluster aims at developing a description and an understanding of the conditions and effects of the participation of civil society organizations in the various stages of democratization processes.

Participated or organized events

Donatella della Porta gave the following presentations at international conferences:

10/11/2021 Gothenborg. Participation at a Roundtable on Recent trend in social movement studies

19/11/2021 SNS Introduction to the Conference on Feminism as a methodology

28/10/2021 Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra Opening Lecture on Social movements and repressive turns

14/10/221. SNS. Presentazione at the conference on Le organizzazione di cooperazione allo sviluppo

12/10/2021 SNS Presentation at the Conference on I ricchi

8-9/10/2021 Turin Lectures at the Biennale per la Democrazia

24/9/2021 University of Crete. Keynote at the conference in my honour

13/7/2021 Geneva. United Nation. Keynote on Social movements in pandemic times

3/7/2021 Vienna. Presentation at Plenar session  on Black Lives Matter

7/12/2020 Oslo. Talk on How Social Movements can save democracy

9/10/2020 San Paulo do Brasil, Talk on How social movements can save democracy

2/10/2020 Barcelona Keynote at Summar School on De-Growth

24/9/2020 New York University Keynote at International Talks series on Contentious Politics

9/7/2020 Keynote at International Summer School on De-Growth

6/7/2020 Keynote at International Summer School on Migration

29/6/2020 Keynote at International Summer School on Urban and environmental Studies

19/6/2020 Berlin, Hertie School of Governance. Conference on Emergency Times

20/5/2020 Lisbon Talk on Social Movements in Pandemic Times

27/4/2020 Copenhagen. Conferenza su Social Movements in Pandemic Times

21/1/2020 SNS Apertura conferenza sui centri anti-violenza e la nuova ondata di movimenti femministi

13/1/2020, Berlino, Keynote alla conferenza organizzata dal Ministero degli Esteri Tedesco sulla società civile

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