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Department of excellence "Faculty of Humanities"

The project for the Department of Excellence of the Faculty of Humanities has as its main focus the study of the relationship between the text and the image. That is the various forms and various issues relating to the interaction between iconic language and verbal language. In other words, it is a question of studying the relationship between the work of art and the related writings and the relationship between the writings and the images that accompanied them, in its maximum temporal extension (from antiquity to the contemporary age), and disciplinary extension (from art history, literature, philology, history and philosophy).

The project, starting from the main scientific results recently achieved in this research area by the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, aims to:

•  enhance research and teaching activities on the word-image thematic axis, in particular with the establishment of a new disciplinary doctorate in the history sector from ancient to contemporary art, which can act as a reference point for the studies developed on the text-image theme within the Faculty;

• integrate and enhance the convergence of the three laboratories that have cultivated the thematic area between word and image in recent times: the DocStAR, the SAET and the SMART laboratories.