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Department of Excellence "Faculty of Sciences"

The project for the Department of Excellence of the Faculty of Sciences intends to provide a significant boost to the development of advanced research and training lines in computational sciences and data science, promoting their integration with other related disciplinary areas.

The issue of extracting significant information from huge amounts of data is of central importance both in the more strictly scientific areas (biology, chemistry, cosmology, condensed matter physics and high energy physics) and in socio-economic areas (economics, finance and social sciences). The large amount of data available lays the foundations for new scientific paradigms: the hypotheses are not formulated a priori and followed by experimental validation, but it is the study of structures within data that suggests new scientific hypotheses with a data-driven approach. The development of efficient algorithms is therefore particularly central and involves, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the various sectors of mathematics (numerical calculus, calculus of variations, probability, dynamic systems, partial differential equations, harmonic analysis).

Starting from the main scientific results recently achieved, the project aims to:

  • strengthen the research group in financial mathematics and set up a research group in computational sciences;
  • establish a PhD course in computational sciences;
  • develop and consolidate training activities in mathematical, statistical and computational methods, with an increase in synergies between interested research groups;
  • create a centralized infrastructure for high-performance computing and Big Data.