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Advanced Topics in Quantum Field Theory


Monday, 3 February 2020 to Friday, 1 May 2020
Total hours: 40
Hours of lectures: 40

Examination procedure

  • oral exam


The course is aimed at first-year PhD students
Required: Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Chromodynamics
Suggested: Effective Field Theories, Standard Model and Beyond


Instantons and theta vacuum in gauge field theories

Strong CP problem, eta prime puzzle and the role of instantons in QCD


Use of topology in QFT

Educational goals:

The course will discuss some advanced theoretical topics in Quantum Field Theory that have immediate application in the study of the Standard Model of particle physics and of some of its extensions.

Bibliographical references

S. Weinberg, The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol. I and II 
S. Coleman, Aspects of Symmetry
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