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Sunday, 1 March 2020 to Sunday, 31 May 2020
Total hours: 20
Hours of lectures: 20

Examination procedure

  • oral exam


  • Principles of development in biology

  • Morphogenesis and Cell Adhesion

  • Genes and development: Techniques and ethical issues

  • Evidence for Genomic Equivalence

  • Determining the Function of Genes during Development

  • The genetic core of development: Differential gene expression

  • Cell-cell communication in development

  • Early embryonic development in vertebrate

  • Early development and axis formation in amphibians

  • Early Mammalian Development

  • CNS early development

  • Neuronal Specification and Axonal Specificity

  • Aging: The Biology of Senescence

  • The saga of the germ line


Educational goals:

Basic knowledge for the understanding of research in the fields of:

  • stem cells

  • cell and gene therapy

  • biotechnology

  • transgenic organisms

  • structure, function and pathology of the nervous system

Bibliographical references


Developmental Biology, Scott F Gilbert and Michael J. F. Barresi, OUP USA, 11th edition