Enacting citizenship and solidarity in Europe from below (ECSEuro)

Reflecting the European challenge of transnational cooperation and multiple crises, this project asks how local political initiatives across Europe enact citizenship and solidarity and contribute to the vision of a more democratic Europe from below. With ten city-based case studies, we analyze initiatives in the fields of migrant rights, housing, and care work, and focus on the little-addressed challenge of developing intersectional strategies and networks beyond borders.

The project investigates how mass media, institutional actors and citizens shape communication and participation under Covid-19 emergency. While analyzing how public and scientific communication shape complex media arenas, it also explains how new forms of citizens participation emerge. By looking at the plurality of actors involved (scientific, institutional, civic), it explores the rise of new modes of communicating, management and prevention of social risks emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic. Theoretically, ComPart bridges the fields of political communication studies and sociology of scientific communication to understand the challenges and potentiality of democratic communication and participation in times of pandemic. Empirically, it looks at how various social actors navigate different media environments and contribute in creating specific forms of communication about the Covid-19 emergency as well as new forms of citizens mobilization and participation.

Research Project financed from the Volkswagen Stiftung.