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Populism in Power and its Consequences: Politics, Polity and Policies

Manuela Caiani (SNS, Florence)
Co-Organized with OCIS (Osservatorio per la Coesione Sociale)


First Day 24th Oct. 2019 (14-18), Populism in Power and Politics



Manuela Caiani and Tiago Carvalho (SNS, Florence)
Right wing and Left wing Populism in Power: an Overview on Europe

Yannis Stavrakakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
The anti-populist tradition of studying populism: Anatomy of an anti-democratic stereotype

Istvan Grajczjar (Milton Friedman University, Budapest)
An illiberal hybrid regime in practice within the EU: authoritarian populism in Hungary

Giorgos Venizelos (SNS, Florence)
Syriza in Power: Discourse and Identity in Transition

Francesca Feo (SNS, Florence)
Exploring the parliamentary practices and performances of new populist parties in national parliaments

Beatrice Carella (SNS, Florence)
Anti-neoliberal populism in power: impact on welfare state development in Southern Europe

Second day 25TH Oct. 2019 (9.30-17)

Populism in Power and Policies


Sarah De Lange (University of Amsterdam)
The populist radical right and academic freedom: promoting pluralism or constraining academic freedom?

Matteo Jessoula (University of Milan)
Right-Wing Populists and Welfare Policy

Andrea Pirro (SNS, Florence) and Ben Stanley (SWPS University, Warsaw)
Changing, bending, and breaking: playing by the ‘illiberal playbook’ in Hungary and Poland

Populism in Power and Polity


Matthijs Rooduijn (University of Amsterdam)
Trust in Democracy under Populist Governments

Petra Guasti (University of Frankfurt)
Populism in Power and Popular (De)Mobilization

Davide Vittori (LUISS University)
Consequences of Populism on the Quality of Democracy

Fabio Bordignon and Luigi Ceccarini (University of Urbino)
Populism in Power and its Effects on Voting Choices: The Italian case