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Italy Speaker Series - Second event

SAR-Italy launches its first speaker series in the Fall 2020. This cycle of seminars aims at promoting knowledge about present violations of academic freedom and at advocating for the rights of higher education members in pursuing research, teaching and education. This first edition will be online and will feature four scholars who have been involved in protection programs within Italian universities. They will discuss the situation of academic freedom in specific contexts as well as present their current research activities. The introductory roundtable and the individual seminars are open to all members of universities, public institutions, and national/international organizations.

The working language will be English.

Guest Speaker:
SAR-Scholar from Africa
Title - The Biomedical and the Relational Model of the body, the Meaning of Illness, and Quality of Care: A Comparative Analysis.
SEVGI DOĞAN | Scuola Normale Superiore
ROBERTA ALTIN, University of Trieste