FIG – Work groups on  intersectionality and  gender


The group's activity for the year 2018 (their first year of activity) focussed on the organisation of meetings in the form of seminars and conferences. As regards  the first activity,  some of the meetings involved the presentation of their research work by members of the group linked to the SNS and to other university institutions. - Below, we report the meetings conducted in this modality:

* 22 January 2018, Huda Alsahi (SNS) "Investigating the discursive construction of feminism on Facebook in relation to the women's to drive campaign in KSA".  
* 20 February 2018, Bayerlein, Louisa (EUI) Inconceivable Stories: Gender Narratives of Right-Wing Extremists in Germany
* 10 October 2018, Ayada, Sophia (EUI) "Women’s Equal Access to Work: A Fairy Stereotyped Tale?"
* 12 December 2018, Svatonova, Eva (Aarhus University) ”Where have all the normal men gone?” The Representation of Men by Women’s Far- Right Social Movement"
* 14 December 2018, Prof. Chiara Saraceno (Istituto Carlo Alberto, Turin), “Seminar on gender inequalities”
- Other meetings took the form of study groups, giving the participants the opportunity to study in depth and work together on themes of interest chosen each time. The meetings in this format, which took place in April, May and June 2018, studied in depth the theme of the feminist methodology in the context of the social sciences.

- Lastly, the group organised, in co-operation with the “LGBTQI+ Caucus” of the Istituto Universitario Europeo (IUE) in Florence (sponsored by Professor Laura Lee Downs), two events with the participation of Lucy Nicholas of the University of Swinburne (Australia). The first  event, held on 12th November 2018 at the IUE, was on the theme of “Post gender queer ethics”; the second, held on 14th November 2018 at the Department of Political and Social Sciences in Florence, was on the theme of “Persistence of global masculinism”. The second event was also attended in video conference by Dr. Christine Agius, co-author with Dr. Nicholas of the book “Persistence of global masculinism”, which provided the basis for the event's debate. 
Within the research projects CRY_OUT and DEMOS, the feminist movements, in particular in Italy, Spain and Poland, were analysed by means of in-depth interviews.