Info for booking tickets

Also for the 2021/22 Season there are no season tickets but only tickets for the individual shows on the programme.
Owing  to the limited capacity of the theatre due to the provisions relating to Covid 19, each spectator can purchase a maximum of 5 tickets per show.
Please note that in the case of more than two relatives, it will be possible to contact the Box Office (during box office and telephone hours) to purchase additional seats in the same box. The form in which to declare that the spectators are relatives is available online for each show.
Important news: Old season ticket holders will be able to take advantage of a reduced price by showing the season ticket for the 2019/20 season
The programme may be subject to variations


Pre-sale of tickets for all performances

da venerdì 1 ottobre al Botteghino del Teatro
da sabato 2 ottobre anche telefonicamente, online e nel circuito Vivaticket
I Concerti della Normale
Posto unico numerato € 15,00
ridotto € 12,00
under30 € 5,00
Carta Studente della Toscana € 10,00
Scatola Sonora
Posto unico numerato € 10,00
ridotto € 8,00
under30 € 4,00
Novità importante: I vecchi abbonati potranno usufruire del biglietto ridotto esibendo l’abbonamento della Stagione 2019/2

from Friday 1 October at the Theater Box Office
from Saturday 2 October also by telephone, online and on the Vivaticket circuit

The Concerts of the Normale
Single numbered seat € 15.00
reduced € 12.00
under30 € 5.00
Carta Studente della Toscana € 10.00
Scatola Sonora
Single numbered seat € 10.00
reduced € 8.00
under30 € 4.00

Important news: Old season ticket holders will be able to take advantage of the reduced ticket by showing the season ticket for the 2019/20 season


Reductions: A 10% reduction (of the full price) is given to the following categories: Over 65; Military personnel in service; Members of ARCI, ACLI, ENDAS and legal categories; Members of Associazioni Amici della Lirica (Friends of Opera Associations); Members of Associations and Clubs with an arrangement  with the Theatre of Pisa; Season ticket holders for the Stagione dei Concerti della Normale (the Normale Concert Season); Controradio Club; Radio Toscana Classica Card; Associazione Stampa Toscana (Tuscany Press Association); FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Environment Foundation); TCI Touring Club Italiano; subscribers and personnel of CTT NORD (CPT, ATL, CLAP VAIBUS); the Feltrinelli-Carta Più and Carta Multipiù.
Coop Promotion: by agreement, members of the COOP-Unicoop Firenze can use the Coop promotion (a discount of 15% of the full price).
Promotions for young people ("biglietto futuro under35"): all under-35s have a  50% reduction on the full price (2nd  row of gallery excluded). School groups with an arrangement with  the Theatre Communication  Office have a 50% reduction on the full price (2nd  row of gallery excluded).
Carta Studente della Toscana (Tuscany Student Card): for holders of the Carta Studente della Toscana the cost of tickets is € 10,00.
Please note: At the moment of ticket purchase, the card attesting to the right to the reduction or promotion must be shown together with an ID card. The card may also be requested at the entrance on the evening of the performance.

Box office

Ordinary opening times: from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Tuesday and Thursday also from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
On festive days during the week, the Botteghino is closed, unless otherwise indicated.
On the evening of the performances and for Sunday afternoon ones, tickets can also be purchased an hour prior to the start of the performance (only for the performance scheduled).
Current account cheques are not accepted. Bancomat cards (cash machine cards) and credit cards for Visa, Carta Sì, American Express or Master Card are accepted.

In the first days of pre-sales, or in the case of particular demand, an hour before the opening of the Botteghino an automatic numerator will be activated to control access to the sales desk. The numbers issued will only be valid for that opening time.

Telephone box office: 050 941188
Ordinary opening times: from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.; Tuesday and Thursday also from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
The service allows you to choose your seats with a view of the entire seating plan and price range  (full, reduced, promotional) and does not include added commissions. Payment is by credit card. On festive days during the week, the service is not accessible.


Tickets for the performances may be purchased, exclusively at full price, at the following   services of Vivaticket circuit, the official pre-sales channel of the Theatre of Pisa, and the only authorised one:

* ON-LINE via internet, with credit card on the web site and from the link on the homepage of the theatre web site; visualisation of the seating plan  updated in real time; choice of manual or best-seat. With added commissions. 
* Vivaticket SALES POINTS: around 400 throughout Italy, more than 20 in Tuscany. The complete list is available for consultation by clicking on With added commissions. 

The Botteghino (box office) dof the Theatre Verdi di Pisa is also a sales point for the circuit: you can thus purchase tickets for a wide range of national events.

BoxOffice Toscana circuit/TicketOne

The Botteghino del Teatro di Pisa is a sales point for BoxOfficeToscana circuit/ TicketOne: you can thus purchase tickets for a wide range of big events at the other theatres of Tuscany.

Fondazione teatro di Pisa (Pisa Theatre Foundation), Via Palestro 40, 56127 Pisa, tel. 050-941111,