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Collegio Timpano

The Collegio Timpano was initially the residence for women students of the Scuola Normale Superiore. Now it functions as a residence for students and visitors and is divided internally into three residences: Timpano, Timpanino and Acconci. The building, located along the Arno River, on the Lungarno Pacinotti, was donated to the Scuola Normale in 1932 by the Calabrese Domenico Timpano, a colourful character who had made money by producing tonic drinks containing alcohol at his pharmaceutical company and selling them in the United States during the period of Prohibition.

This was the first building donated to the Scuola Normale, and arrived at a moment of intense renewal of the Scuola Normale. In 1932, in fact, the new Scuola Normale, reformed by Gentile, was inaugurated. The Scuola Normale under Gentile had an expanded main building, the Palazzo della Carovana, and with the annexation of the Collegio Puteano and the D. Timpano residence, the number of rooms available for students rose from fifteen to sixty one.

When the nearby bridge was bombed during the Second World War, the Timpano building was damaged; it was reconstructed in the ‘50s.