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The SNS Career Center by Job Teaser portal gathers orientation and placement tools dedicated to students and young alumni of the Scuola Normale, favouring the matching of supply and demand also by putting students and companies in touch with each other.

Partner companies at national and international level can publish their offers of training or work and can introduce themselves by means of the media they consider the most efficacious (texts, videos, images, documents, social networks), besides taking part in  events organised by the Placement Office of the Scuola Normale. Sophisticated matching modalities enable recruiters to identify candidates of potential interest starting from their Cvs placed on the portal  in free format.

The SNS has adopted the Career Center by JobTeaser to give greater visibility to your offers and to transmit them to our students and new graduates. By becoming our  partner, your company will enjoy various advantages, such as dedicated statistics, a more visible company profile, offers and events on dedicated pages, and much more besides.

To set up and manage your company profile, starting from the page Career Center by JobTeaser - Companies:

  1. create your account by going to “Not yet registered?”; then insert the e-mail address and password associated with your company profile.
  2. insert all the information requested and click on “Create company”; then update the information by clicking on “Update company”; add the offers by clicking on “Offers” and then on “Add an offer”.
  3. The Placement Office will check and accredit your company.
  4. Once validated, the profile appears on the user interface of the student; by clicking on the logo, the student sees all the company information.
  5. From your company profile, you will be able to monitor the number of visits and clicks on the offers and also to identify the applicants.

If your company is not yet a partner of JobTeaser, complete the company profile and insert your offer, which will be sent to our students.

If your company is already a partner of JobTeaser, in just one click you can publish your offers on the intranet of numerous European universities and improve your Employer branding.

To find out more, contact us at