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The SNS Career Center by Job Teaser portal gathers orientation and placement tools dedicated to students and young alumni of the Scuola Normale, favouring the matching of supply and demand also by putting students and companies in touch with each other.

The portal puts at the disposal of the “Normalisti” a multitude of tools for constructing their personal professional profile: events, videochats with the selectors, videos of professional and company profiles, and in-depth articles and videos of human resource professionals. On accreditation, you can set up filters and preferences so as to receive notifications only of offers and events of personal interest.

Partner companies at national and international level can publish their offers of training or work and can introduce themselves by means of the media they consider the most efficacious (texts, videos, images, documents, social networks), besides taking part in  events organised by the Placement Office of the Scuola Normale. Sophisticated matching modalities enable recruiters to identify candidates of potential interest starting from their Cvs placed on the portal  in free format.

You can access the portal via the web or using the dedicated app.

Access to the portal for students and alumni

Access to the portal for companies

The services of the Career Center by JobTeaser are made even more easily accessible with the dedicated app: