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The Federated Evaluation team

The Federated Evaluation Team is the collegiate authority of the Scuola and of the other federated universities, and is responsible for the internal evaluation of the administrative management and of teaching and research activities; it ensures, partly through comparative analysis of costs and returns, the correct use of public resources, the productivity of research and teaching, impartiality and good administrative performance.

The Federated Evaluation Team consists of seven members (six experts and a student of the federated universities in rotation) appointed by the Executive Council on the proposal of the Rectors / Director of the Federated Universities.
The mandate lasts for four years and is renewable only once.
The student component’s mandate lasts for two academic years and is renewable only once.


Evaluation team of the Scuola Normale (in charge until the Federated Evaluation Team takes office)

Pursuant to Article 55, paragraph 5 of the Statute, until the establishment of the new Federated Evaluation Team, the pre-existing authority remains in office.


  • Avv. Giuseppe Toscano (CV)
    Studio legale associato Merusi-Toscano di Pisa


  • Prof. Franco Brezzi (CV)
    Full professor of Calculus, IUSS Pavia
  • Prof. Maurizio Ferrera (CV)
    Full professor of Political Science, Università degli Studi, Milan
  • Prof. Franca Ela Consolino (CV)
    Full professor of Latin language and literature, Università degli Studi, L'Aquila
  • Ettore Bucci (CV)
    Ph.D Student, Scuola Normale Superiore