Orientation mini-courses

funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU in the framework of the PNRR

The Scuola Normale organises mini orientation courses: a choice for your future. The courses are intended for students of the final years of the upper secondary schools in the area, to give them an active educational experience involving participation in workshops. The courses are created under the aegis of the NRRP, funded by the European Union – NextGeneration EU; their aim is to facilitate and encourage the passage from school to university and to reduce the number of university dropouts. Each lasts 15 hours, subdivided into two days; they consist of the following:

  • An illustration of the Italian university educational system, how it works, and the added value of university education in the pathways of life and profession.
  • A brief presentation of the Scuola Normale Superiore.
  • Three lectures (in the humanities, sciences and social sciences areas) given by lecturers of the Normale, followed by in-depth workshops held by SNS students.
  • A visit to a structure of the Scuola Normale (laboratory, library or archive).
  • A Q&A session on employment prospects in relation to the study and research disciplines at the Normale.

The new courses, subdivided between the Pisa and Florence sites, will take place in June and July 2024.

To take part as a school or as an individual participant, you can send a message to the e-mail address orientamento@sns.it.