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Almalaurea for Companies

Placement platform

The SNS promotes direct contact between institutions and companies and its own students and graduates through the services offered by our placement office. Companies  can consult the lists of students and graduates anonymously or through accreditation to utilise our services. Students and graduates can manage their personal CV and make it available to companies that consult the database or they can attach their CV to their  application for training or work offers.

Services for Companies

Company registration and accreditation

Registration entitles you to accreditation with the placement office and the fully autonomous use of  the services offered by the platform. Register for immediate access to have an overview of the services available to companies. Once you are accredited, you will have full use of the services, starting from CV search. Registration entitles you to request the publication of work announcements on the SNS bulletin board

Anonymous and partial CV consultation

This service enables you to view in anonymous and partial form, without the need to  register, the CVs of undergraduates and graduates over the last 12 months and to gain an idea of the profiles that match your needs. The lists can be consulted by searching through the database by department or else by disciplinary area.

Contact page for companies

Should you need help, please fill in the form to be found on the contact page.