ReAcT – Research on Academic Theatre

Research Team

  • Glenn W. Most
    Full professor
  • Stefano Carrai
    Full professor
  • Francesco Morosi
  • Giorgio Di Domenico
    Allievo PhD
  • Giorgio Motisi
    Allievo PhD
  • Silvia Speriani
    Allieva PhD
  • Marcello Reggiani
    Allievo PhD
  • Marco Signori
    Alliev PhD
  • Alessandro Maggi (Direttore artistico FAcT)
    Direttore artistico FAcT
  • Giuseppe Pezzini (University of St. Andrews)
    University of St. Andrews
  • Martin Revermann (University of Toronto)
    University of Toronto

The main activity carried out in 2018 was the first edition of FAcT – Festival of Academic Theatre, which aimed at bringing together the principal university theatres in Europe, through the direct presentation of shows and work demonstrations and the theoretical discussion of some of the main  questions linked to theatre practice. In addition to this activity, which took place in June, there was the usual translation of classical theatre (in 2018 dedicated to Aristophanes' “Clouds”), conducted within the SNS Theatre Group and presented in workshops for secondary school pupils in the spring of 2018. 

2018 also saw the publication of the second volume of Sophocles for the theatre (“Oedipus Rex” and “Ajax”, translated for the stage, Pisa 2018), the result of the first hand translation of Sophocles' text.

From the autumn of 2018, several members of ReAcT were engaged in a first theatre pilot project in the prison: besides the acting work, carried out in a joint workshop of the SNS Theatre Group and the inmates of the “Don Bosco” prison (Casa Circondariale) of Pisa, there was an activity of theoretical reflection on the staged text (Shakespeare's “The Tempest”) and a therapy work group with the aim of identifying and discussing the salient emotive points of the work within the prison. 


  • FAcT – Festival of Academic Theatre: June 2019
  • The Stati Generali of Academic Theatre: June 2019
  • ReAcT seminars: autumn 2019