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Latin palaeography and manuscript tradition: some examples

Academic year 2020/2021
Professor: Giulia Ammannati


November 2020 - May 2021
Total hours: 40
Hours of lectures: 40
Hours of supplementary teaching: 0

Examination procedure




The course will deal with different subjects related to palaeography and textual tradition, focusing on some relevant moments in the history of Latin writing, from Antiquity to the Renaissance. In connection with them, we will analyze a number of interesting examples, in which palaeography combines with Medieval history, philology, textual criticism (genetic editing in particular) and manuscript tradition. Two major topics will be a newly discovered letter of Pope Gregory the Great and a well-known text of Italian Renaissance, particularly relevant for both art history and Italian litterature. All documents will be examined at different levels of difficulty, according to the needs of both undergraduate students and PhD students.

Bibliographical references