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Palazzo Strozzi

Work started on Palazzo Strozzi, a noble palace of refined and austere elegance, on 6th August 1489 on behalf of Filippo Strozzi, “il Vecchio” (1428-1491), a wealthy banker and Florentine merchant who since 1473 had been engaged in purchasing the necessary land for the construction of this family residence “in the most convenient and most attractive spot in the city”, strategically set at the hub of the city's main thoroughfares. The idea of building a palace capable of accommodating all the generations of the family went back as far as 1466, when Filippo was finally able to set foot once more in the city after the  revocation of the exile imposed on Palla Strozzi (1372-1462) in 1434 by Cosimo il Vecchio, his bitter opponent.

Palazzo Strozzi is a property of the City of Florence.  Since the Second World War the Palazzo has been Florence’s largest temporary exhibition space; it now hosts some important cultural Institutions and the Department of Political and Social Sciences, which, with its beautiful seminar and conference rooms, library and offices, is located on the 5th floor.