Social movement parties through time and space


The research project has developed through the empirical analysis of the developments of two movement parties, Podemos in Spain and Mas in Bolivia. In addition, the research has investigated various forms of institutional participation of social movements in crowd-sourced constitutional processes (especially in Iceland and Ireland) and referendums from below (especially in Italy, Scotland and Catalonia).


  • Donatella della Porta has given keynote addresses at international conferences at EUI (March 12), Hamburg (April 10-11), Berlin (April 16-17), Belgrade (April 19-20), Yale (April 27t), Rjeka (June 19), Amsterdam (July 10), Bern (September 19). Azoras (October 3), Barcelona (November 26), Goteborg (december 12).
  • Donatella della Porta has been invited by the President of the German Republic to talk about the results of her work on May 22 in the Bellevue Residence.