The SNS undertakes to support its community in the processes of the creation of new ventures. In accordance with a special regulation, researchers and lecturers have the right to create a spin-off company whenever the entrepreneurial project involves the enhancement of the results of research done at the SNS; in the same way, undergraduate and PhD students can found a start-up.
The services proposed by SRT in this context include:

* orientation towards training courses designed to develop entrepreneurial skills and know-how for future founder members;
* technical and market analyses of feasibility and prospects of an entrepreneurial idea, assistance during the processes of the constitution proposal;
* scouting for funding opportunities (private and from investment funds);
* information for the licensing of patents in favour of spin-offs;
* support for participation in initiatives such as Start Cup and Hackathon, support for the development  of Investor Pitch.

Up to now, the SNS has recognised 3 spin-off ventures, which are periodically monitored, also in terms of Research Quality Assessment.

For opportunities and funding dispensed by public and private corporations, you are advised to consult the links accessible from the yellow box at the bottom of the page.