Spin-offs and Start-ups

The Normale encourages the creation of spin-off companies composed of research and lecturing personnel and of start-up companies consisting of students aiming at the enhancement of their acquired skills or of the results of their research projects.

The Normale supports the business development of its spin-off and start-up companies through initiatives designed to:

- increase skills and knowledge in the areas of company management and innovation;

- identify funding opportunities (private and from investment funds);

- encourage participation in initiatives for commercial development and the creation of strategic collaborations;

- define relationships with the Laboratories and research groups of the Normale to create synergies in the field of innovation and research

The Normale has also activated several collaborations with private investors and with external specialist structures to provide support services for the creation and development of new companies, consulting societies - financial and regarding intellectual property. For activities of incubation, feasibility analysis and information as to the financial measures in support of newly formed companies, the Scuola Normale has set up a collaboration with the Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio.