The Information Systems Service


The Information Systems Service manages the information and computer systems in support of teaching, research and the administrative-management processes  of the Scuola.

Apps and platforms

* Planning and management of the main information systems of the Scuola
* Acquisition and management of management apps and platforms developed by third parties
Contacts: Laura Magli, Simona Facchini

Apps and platforms of the Scuola (

* Web development
* Study and experimentation of innovative solutions in the field of ICT
* Identification of technologies, architectures and models for the creation of basic web sites and services
Contact: Alida Isolani


* Consultation for videoconference systems and complex multimedial products and services
* Management of the infrastructure for videoconferences
Contact: Michele Fiaschi


* Management of the Scuola's e-learning systems
* Creation of guides and information and training activities designed for the users of the apps and systems of the Scuola (information capsules)
Contact: Alida Isolani

Michele Fiaschi

Since December 2013 I have been the head of the IT Service of the Scuola Normale Superiore where I have been employed since 2009. Previously I worked as a freelancer in the development of websites, web services and multimedia applications for companies and public bodies.

050 509662